Window Tinting

If you are looking for the most reliable and highest quality window tinting service in the Las Vegas area, look no farther than Dent Guys Las Vegas! Our professional technicians do everything they can to meet your expectations, and if you are not satisfied with the quality of our work, then we don’t charge for services!
Why Should You Tint Your Windows?
You can make up your own mind about tinting your windows, but allow us to share some of the top reasons why customers have theirs tinted:
Reduced chance of cancer. Long-term exposure to harmful UV rays causes skin cancer – tinting blocks just about all UV light.
Reduction of damage to your vehicle. UV rays can cause serious damage to the interior of your vehicle, including fading, drying out, and cracking leather. Minimize this damage and maximize the resale value of your vehicle.
Safer driving. Tinted windows reduce glare from the sun and the headlights of other vehicles, making it safer for you to drive.
Protection from shattered glass. The plastic tinting material prevents shattered glass from flying around the interior of the car, protecting you, your family, and the car from injury and damage.
Heat reduction. The interior of your car will be noticeably cooler, especially on hot days. This prevents burns from plastic and leather surfaces.
Reduced chance of theft. If you accidentally leave out items people may like to steal, tinted windows make them more difficult to notice. Theft is much less likely.
Enhanced DVD picture quality. If your spouse or children like watching DVDs in the car, they’ll have a better viewing experience with reduced glare from the sun.
It just looks awesome. Although there are many functional reasons to have your windows tinted, the cool, sleek look tinted windows provide is difficult to top.

If you are ready to have your windows tinted by the most reliable service in the area, give Dent Guys Las Vegas a call now at (702)-429-9661!